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Live Classes with Zaid
Exclusive live 1 hour class with Zaid every month on Discord with offline access to the lectures through our Masterclass. Learn the latest hacking techniques and get your doubts answered directly by the course instructor!
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Instant support from Zaid and the community members through our private discord channel.
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Daily updates with the latest tutorials & news in the hacking world.
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Use our exclusive hacking bot to gather information, find leaked passwords and even generate reverse shells!
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Access our VIP community, make new friends, exchange information and chat with like-minded people.
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Access updated and tested useful resources, from CTFs & bug bounty programs to onion services we got it all covered!




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* Please email us on [email protected] to avail of the free course.

How To

Once you sign up to the VIP membership you will automatically gain access to the Masterclass course.

To access the Discord server you will need to link your Discord account from My Account -> Memberships.

To do so, click . You will then be redirected to Discord.

VIP VS Masterclass

What's the difference between the VIP membership and the Hacking Masterclass membership?

Very simple, the hacking masterclass is just a course, the VIP membership includes the hacking masterclass + all the above benefits.