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Hello and welcome to the zSecurity masterclass membership where you will get continuous hacking classes every month!

Unlike my courses where the content focuses on one topic with no additions except for updates, the idea of the master class membership is to give you new hacking videos every month to always teach you something new. Also the classes here are not limited to just one topic, we cover everything as long as its related to ethical hacking and cyber security.

If you look at the curriculum tab you’ll notice that there are individual classes that don’t tie up to anything such browsing the dark web or installing Kali on a cloud server to hack remote computers on the internet. And we also have series such as my approach to pentesting and bug hunting, where I show you how I approach a pentest and discover bugs and vulnerabilities.

We also have smaller series like the OAUTH vulnerabilities and the XXE series and everyone’s favourite the XSS series which is big enough to be its own course, as it starts from the basics and takes you to a pretty advanced level, much more advanced than what’s covered in my website hacking course.

Checkout the curriculum tab for a more detailed breakdown on what’s covered, and remember new content will be pushed every month, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for then just suggest it to us and we’ll cover it πŸ˜‰

And as usual with this class you’ll get 24 / 7 support so if you have any questions just ask us in the forums and we’ll respond to you within a maximum of 15 hours.

Course requirements:

Although some of the content here builds on the basics covered in my general ethical hacking course or my website hacking course, you can still enrol in this class and follow it as long as you know the basics.

VIP VS Masterclass

What’s the difference between the VIP membership and the Hacking Masterclass membership?

Very simple, the hacking masterclass is just a course, the VIP membership includesΒ the hacking masterclass + all the benefits listed here.

Course Features

  • Lectures 88
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 3.5 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 318
  • Certificate No
  • Assessments Yes
Zaid Sabih

Ethical Hacker, Pentester & Computer Scientist

    Zaid Al-Quraishi is an ethical hacker, computer scientist, and founder of zSecurity. He studied Computer Science at University College Dublin, graduating May 2016.

    Zaid has a strong background and experience in ethical hacking, starting with video tutorials in 2009 in an ethical hacking community, iSecur1ty.org. He also worked as a penetration tester (pentester) for this company.

    In 2013 he started teaching his first course online in Arabic which received extremely positive feedback. This motivated him to create an English version of the course. The English course became the most popular and top paid course on Udemy for almost a year, which further motivated Zaid to design and teach more courses on ethical hacking.

    He now offers a number of courses on ethical hacking and more than 800,000 students on Udemy and other teaching platforms such as StackSocial, StackSkills and zSecurity.

    Zaid says: "I just love hacking and breaking the rules but don't get me wrong, I am an ethical hacker!"


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    • redbruno


      Great course and instructor
    • zaid is best

      this course is really ultimate.
    • Adkay


      It's quick and simple. On the point. I would love to get more content quicker here and a certification :))
    • Engr. Collins

      This course has been awesome. But still going through the course. I will give valid feedback later.
    • Sopheaktra


      This course is easy to understand!
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