Kali 2022 Customised by zSecurity

Added Features

Enabled root login.

  • Username: root
  • Password: toor


Improved wireless compatibility

  • Atheros AR9271 drivers.
  • Correct RTL8812AU drivers.
  • Realtek RT5370 drivers.
  • Improved Monitor mode, packet injection and AP mode support.



  • Gnome v 3.42
  • Improved performance.
  • Lighter theme.
  • Lighter icons.
  • Replaced guest additions x11 and dkms with less buggy versions.


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed netdiscover range issue.
  • Fixed Zenmap discovery bugs.
  • Fixed wash and reaver issues with RTL8812AU chipset.
  • Fixed evilgrade update bug.
  • Fixed bettercap hstshijack caplet issue.
  • Added modified hstshijack caplet that works properly with HSTS websites.
  • Fixed SSlStrip not downgrading HTTPS.


Additional software:

  • Terminator
  • Leafpad
  • Firefox
  • Arpspoof
  • Mdk3
  • Mdk4
  • Pip
  • Pip3
  • BeEF Framework
  • Zaproxy
  • Zenmap
  • Latest working version of bettercap
  • Linux Wifi Hotspot
  • Mana toolkit
  • Evilgrade
  • Bdfproxy
  • Knock


Download ⤓


Kali 2022 64-bit    →       Link 1.         Link 2.Link 2 .       Torrent.


SHA256 - 49a6b4a59dc7ee9efc2f4d09dba679c7a3e85efb69bdfbaff47f6fb5efd6f1da


Installation - Make sure VMware Player is installed, extract the archive and double click the downloaded .vmx file. Checkout the installation lecture in the course for more info.

Kali 2022 Apple M1    →     Link 1.         Link 2 .       Torrent.


SHA256 - be011aedfc8758bf97db2589472c88f303eb3f0ab642f834961762de1c70e2e2


Installation - Obtain a licence and download VMWare Fusion.

Kali 2020 32-bit     →      Link 1.         Link 2.        Torrent.


SHA256 - fa1db8b0772ebcfa2f59650502a41c3c5cc460d99a703d0891db4cbf2ba3a318


Installation - Make sure VirtualBox is installed and double click the downloaded .ova. Checkout the installation lecture in the course for more info.

Kali 2020 iso         →      Link 1.         Link 2.        Torrent.


SHA256 - 505d5852c157fa78a6c1414316451569c15744c184d42ebae5e0c3fb20e0a707


Flashing the ISO to a USB Stick - YouTube Video

Installing the ISO from USB to Hard Drive - YouTube Video.

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