USB Data Blocker


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Hackers can fully compromise and hack a machine by simple connecting a USB device to it.

Any USB device can be used to hack you, even simple devices like a lamp or a charging cable!

With this data blocker, you can safely connect usb devices to your computer and provide power to the connected device without compromise the security of your machine.

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BadUSB keystroke injection Cable

Launch Keystroke injection / BadUSB attacks on unsuspecting targets with this inconspicuous micro USB charging cable.



- BadUSB chip fully integrated into cable.
- Looks identical to a normal charging cable.
- HID keystroke injection capabilities.
- Undetectable by antivirus software.
- 16.5 MHz 8-bit ATtiny85 with 8KB program space.

Shipping Worldwide, dispatched within 24h of payment.

USB Data Blocker

Stop yourself from getting hacked by a rogue device masquerading as something else. The Data Blocker ensures a power-only connection between your device and the host system or power source preventing USB-based malware attacks.


  • Compact design.
  • Tested by zSecurity.
  • USB Type-A female to Type-A male.
  • Compatible with all USB type-A devices.
  • Allows power / charging.

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