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    I have a question about running a network scan. After building the network scanner in your python course I wanted to test on multiple networks. With the internal wifi adapter connected to the target network I run into zero issues. When my internal card is connected to one network and my wifi adapter connected to the target network is when I am running into the problem. I am unable to gather the information when targeting the network the adapter is connected to. I know they are different because the adapter is is connected to a 10.0.0……network but the internal card in connected to a 192.168.1……network.

    Do I need to add another arg.parse argument for the interface I want to use so I have the mobility to use the program from either? Or if network access has been gained through the adapter should I then switch my internal card to the same network. The second option does not seem best if trying to stay anonymous.

    One more thing, the more I learn the more I ask because curiosity gets the best of me. When using the external wifi adapter on a target network, should the internal wifi card be “down” so it is not discoverable? Should all investigation and attacks be used with the external adapter so the MAC of the computer in use is not discoverable? Or, once access has been gained, should the internal card be used for investigation on the target network and the external card be used for attacks/payloads/etc?

    Thanks again for the help. I hope I was clear in my questioning. If not, I will expand more.


    Zaid Sabih

    Hello Austintuley,

    For best results please make sure that the Kali machine is only connected to the target network, and disconnect all of its other interfaces.
    If that didn’t work then please show me the result of ifconfig in Kali and ipconfig in one of the target machines.

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