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    I do really enjoy your courses. I ended up purchasing this course on your website because that is where the link from Learn Ethical Hacking from Course on Udemy said I could the discount. Since I did in fact pay for the course, can you set it up so I can get the course on Udemy for free. I realize you have a lot more students there and I may get the answers to my questions in the forums answered much quicker. I am not one to skip lectures, but I cannot get past scanning for a range in in the network scanner lecture. You will see my posts in the EH with Python forum. I do not like being stagnant. I cannot scan a range and it is very disappointing to not get an answer. Maybe if I had access to the udemy QA I could access more help from fellow students as well as tutors.
    I understand how scanning a range works. I have checked every piece of code to make sure it is identical to your’s. I am able to scan for a single IP but not the entire range. When scanning the entire range I receive an error. I do not want to continue sitting and waiting around for answer. It has been much longer than 15 since I first ran into this issue.

    Zaid Sabih

    Hello Austintyley,
    Unfortunately we can not give you free access on Udemy because I don’t own Udemy, if you want though I can give you a refund here and you can go and get the course there.
    We offer the same support here and on Udemy and its the same people answering questions, we just get lots of questions and I’m sorry sometimes we can miss one or 2, but its not intentional and doesn’t happen often.


    Not a problem Zaid. I actually prefer coming to your site directly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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