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    False Genius


    After installing Qubes on usb, I restarted the computer, and it took a long time for the login screen to show up. No surprises there since it was the first boot. Once I logged in, I didn’t find network settings in the top right corner of the system tray, which zaid had in the video. So, in order to solve it, I restarted the computer. Now, there are two problems:

    1. It takes like 20-30 mins for qubes to boot up and take me to the login screen.
    2. After logging in, I can’t find the network settings in system tray at the top right corner.

    Also, during the boot up, error messages are displayed like,

    “Failed to load kernel modules”
    “You are in emergency mode”
    “Cannot open access to console, root account is locked”

    I googled for solutions, but I can’t seem to find the right ones

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    Diego PérezDiego Pérez

    Have you checked if your system supports Qubes?

    Hardware incompatibility is a common issue with qubes, so check the above list.

    Let me know how it goes!

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