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    Assalamualiakum zaid,
    Does maltego offer all the things which whois and netcraft offer and is it fine on a practical approach to directly use maltego rather than the 3 websites mentioned as it seems to offer all the stuff


    Diego PérezDiego Pérez

    Hi Aayan!
    Maltego is a great tool but to gett it’s full potential you’ll need to use the paid version. So if you can afford it maybe try it.

    Hope it helps!


    Zaid, to be frank I’m really not enjoying this lecture because I’m not able to practice most of the things due to some few issues
    1. How do I ask questions pertaining to my course?
    2. The Maltego you used, is it a paid version because I’m not getting any meaningful information by using the free version.
    3. You couldn’t show us how we could instal the DVWA so that we could practice.
    On udemy there is a Q&A section but on your website i can’t find it
    I hope my issues can be addressed.

    Diego PérezDiego Pérez

    Hi Garror!
    Here you can ask the question if you have any issue.
    For Maltego:
    You’ll get this problem only when you want to use a transformer that relies on search engine, the reason for this is Bing started charging people for using their search API, so the only solution is to purchase a license, but you can still use all other transformers that do not rely on search engine.
    The search engine transformers just use Bing anyway to search for result, so you can just do that manually yourself, the only disadvantage is that you’ll get the result in the web browser instead of having them in a nice graph.

    For Metasploitable:
    In lecture 4 it is showed, check the lecture again.


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