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    Jamal Releford


    I hope is well. After watching the tutorial that first introduced the subprocess.check_output method, I attempted to follow the same steps as the video and noticed that the function wasn’t changing my Mac address to the provided Mac address information. Ironically I noticed in the Wlan0 example(Can be seen at 5:52) in the video that the Mac address didn’t work as expected either. I’m not sure if Zaid caught that when he was teaching the lecture. Zaid provides -m 11:22:33:44:11 but the output from the ifconfig shows ether 3a:db:9a:35:55:6e instead.

    Anyway I was wondering if you can help me in understanding how to fix this issue so that it works as intended. Thanks.

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    Jamal Releford

    Now I’ve uncommented out the change Mac function and commented out the new function that includes the subprocess. After running the code again with the old code, I get SIOCSIFHWADDR: Cannot assign requested address

    Jamal Releford

    The code appears to only provide the output from the ifconfig method but doesn’t take in the provided parameters and change the Mac address for some reason.

    Diego PérezDiego Pérez


    Yeah, for the script to work you need to uncomment the change_mac function call line, can you share a screenshot with the current state of the script? Also a screenshot where we can see the command used to run the script.


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