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    i hide my details in dark web also i need to ordered same think i mean there is same mobiles cheap i can get bitcoin but how do i get addres i can use because i hide my addres also how do i receive what i ordered or how do they sent me . second quesion the website in dark web how do i know if it is trust or what i ordered i can get encase i did not receive how to get refurnd

    thans nuu

    Diego PérezDiego Pérez

    I don’t understand what you mean in the first part of your question, can you explain with some other words? Also using some punctuation marks will help to make it clearer.

    And I won’t suggest to buy anything in the darkweb markets, there’s no garantee that is not a scam, there’s no way to ask for a refund as those are not legal stores and in any case you would need to provide an address. They use normal mail services so you’ll need to provide your address, or discuss with each vendor about the delivery methods. So if you want buy something in the darkweb is under your own risk, as mentioned they are not legal companies so there’s no garantee at all.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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