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    How to try the attacks of this section?
    I dont know how to create a captive portal on my home network.


    Can you please elaborate?


    Hope you fine.

    I have these two wonders:
    1)In section “Gain access – captive portal” lesson 4.1, Zaid explains the methods in order to bypass
    networks with pop-up login screen(captive portals).Then he doesnt explain how to change our home network in order to behave like
    his airport wifi network,to display a window when someone goes to connect.

    2)Then in the same section, lesson 4.4 Zaid selects the royal wifi and when he opens firefox a login page appears and he
    downloads the web page.I would like to do the same with my own network so I can test the attacks.I would like my network
    behaves like “royal wi-fi” and “airport wifi”.
    I have checked all the resources under the videos.None of them explain how to do this.
    This is how i connect to my wifi(no pop up window):

    Finally, I have already attended the “Learn ethical hacking from scrach”,and nowhere does it say about how to set up your
    router to pop-up a login page when someone wants to connect .

    I know my English is not good. I hope you understand what I mean above.
    Thank you in advance!


    You can but not all routers can create a captive portal, go to the router settings usually on http://GateWayIP/ , you should see an option for setting up a captive portal if the router supports it.


    No I can’t find a captive portal option. I see only guest Network. Is it the same ?


    Alternatively you can try searching for your router’s model and how to enable captive portal.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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