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    Tails not showing WiFi adapter. It does recognize the wired connection I tried unplugging it and still not showing the adapter. I was trying to practice with captive portal but this is what is happening. Not sure if this matters but my windows OS wont recognize the wired Ethernet, I have been using my (Zaid recommended) WiFi adapter for internet on the windows system I am booting from tails (zip Drive)
    Any Ideas?

    A J

    Hi Lucid,

    Kindly follow these steps shown in the below source to set up properly your wireless adapter on Tails:
    Enable a wireless device

    You can also refer to the following once for more info:
    Connecting to a network

    If you still have issues with the wireless connection, then plug the adapter it into a different USB port on your PC, and try again to connect to the captive portal through the unsafe browser as shown in the lecture. Or use the Ethernet cable to connect Tails directly to the network.

    Kindly note that USB devices can only be connected to only one machine at a time, so make sure that the wireless adapter isn’t attached to Windows first before you try to connect it to Tails.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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