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    I am able to configure my adapter in the Virtual Box settings as shown, and when I open Kali Linux it shows in devices, but when I go into terminal or terminator and run ifconfig it does not show me the WLAN0.
    I have noticed though that my adapter light shows it is working when in my windows 10 host machine and when Virtual Box is open, but as soon as Kali Linux opens the light on my adapter goes out (turns off)
    The adapter is a TP-Link T3U Plus AC1300, with a rtl8822bu chipset. According to everything I have read it should be compatible with KL.
    Can you help me get this working, I’ve tried different scripts to fix it but without any luck.
    Love the course so far, great to have one that is up to date and easy to follow.

    Diego PérezDiego Pérez

    This adapter is not well supported, that’s why you’re having issues with it, you can try to manually install its drivers but it will still give you issues with packet injection and monitor mode, as mentioned in the course requirements you need a powerful adapter that supports monitor mode and packet injection,checkout the adapters on the following link, they all support monitor mode and packet injection:​shop

    If you’re not sure which one to get the checkout the adapters video in the resources of lecture 11, here is a link to it anyway:​​

    If you want to install the drivers anyway:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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