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    Zaid,love you and your courses, but in fatrat there are plenty of options but you show only windows based and basic stuff. Whatever I generated a payload backdoor with original apk (5th option) I did with tcp then http tried all.. All options nothing worked. Meterpreter couldnt get sessions. But just an empty apk was caught by meterpreter but I couldnt do anything like no webcam stream no contact dump nothing(error connection time). Everytime I ran command phone tirggered permission request.(s8 android) In teaser you mask backdoor with flappy bird but you dont show it to us( you just show meterpreter commands ( please help I was so motivated now I am confused…..


    I found email sending can check and publish for your students.I check it.It’s work properly.

    This is a link for download it

    Home page EN

    Zaid Sabih

    Hello Mahmudshah,
    Did you try migrating to a safer process as shown in the post-exploitation section?
    If yes then please try using a different payload type and let me know what you get.

    [email protected]

    Hi Zaid,

    I have executed a backdoor using Veil evasion in my Windows machine similar to what has been demonstrated in the lecture, but while listening to the port , “starting the payload handler” is not showing.

    A J

    Hi Deepak,

    It’s okay if you don’t see the “starting the payload handler” for this how the multi handler starts and shows up in Metasploit Framework 5 (msf5) which was different at the time of recording the lecture.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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