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    Can you apply new method for AV bypass ?


    Can you show how i encrypt our backdoor ?

    Zaid Sabih

    Have you gone through the whole course Sithum? cause you asked about mail spoofing and AV bypass methods and all of this is covered in the course.
    The course covers 5 ways to bypass AV programs.


    no, zaid it is are detected by antivirus guards


    Can i know what payload is the best one in veil.

    Diego PérezDiego Pérez

    Hi Sithum!
    There’s no like a magical recipe for this. You can try with the different payloads in Veil, this will help to improve your knowledge. Also take good notes about what you’ve found.

    Basically bypassing AV programs is like a game of cat and mouse, so backdoors might start getting detected at some stage, then the developers release an update, this will allow you to generate undetectable backdoors, then AV programs release an update which will make backdoors detectable ……..

    So the main thing is to make sure that Veil or any other tool you’re using to generate the backdoor is up to date.​​

    Here’s a few solutions to try if your backdoor is getting detected:

    1. Make sure that you have the latest version of Veil, so do ​updated ​before doing ​use 1.

    ​2. Experiment with different payloads, and experiment with different payload options and you should be able to bypass it.​

    3. Try generating a backdoor using the fat rat, empire.

    4. Modify backdoor code if its in bat as shown in lecture 33.

    5. Modify backdoor using a hex editor as shown in lecture 40.

    6. Create your own backdoor (covered in python course).

    The best thing to do is look at the last lecture of the course (bonus lecture) it contains all the courses that you can take with this course and a comparison between them.

    Hope it helps!


    I have buy python course. But i not completed it..

    Thankyou diego

    Diego PérezDiego Pérez

    You’re welcome Sithum!
    Remember that this courses are complementary so try to tie all the info you got to make it work!



    I found this article in google. what you think about it ?


    Hi, Sithum, because the admins are really slow in answering the questions, I thought maybe I would ask you. Did you try to make the bat file from Download & Execute Payload? It doesn’t work for me (as almost everything from this course), it gives me an error of “w is not recognized as an internal or external command”.

    Did it work for you?


    hi qwefml
    yes it is work for me ?


    Are you recheck your code ? and are you in same network ?

    Diego PérezDiego Pérez

    Hi Qwefml!
    ​Make sure that you’re using the same payload when generating the backdoor and when using multi handler, if you’re already doing that then try using a different port, if you’re still having issues then please show me the following please:

    1. Result of ​ifconfig ​in Kali.
    3. The result of ipconfig in Windows.
    3. The result of ​options ​before generating the backdoor.
    4. T​he result of ​show options ​before running the multi handler.​
    5. Your download and execute file

    Let me know.


    I want some reply for this

    Diego PérezDiego Pérez

    It’s an old article but it may work, have you tried any of the suggested there?

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