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Save / log the target’s keyboard input and access it over WiFi with an easy-to-use control panel.
This Pro  can even send the keystrikes to the cloud so you can access the collected data remotely from anywhere! Allowing you to harvest information without having to retrieve the device.



– High-speed internal flash memory accessible over Wi-Fi.
– Retrieve data remotely over WiFi.
– Retrieve data from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. No software or app needed.
– Compatible with most standard USB keyboards in Windows / Linux / Mac OS / Android etc.
Undetectable by antivirus software.
– Hardware encryption.
– Multi keyboard layout support.

Pro Features

Access logs remotely from anywhere on the cloud.
– Cloud access by zSecurity.
– Email logs.
– Live UDP streaming.
– Connect the device to a WiFi network (2.4 GHz).
– Synchronised time and date annotated keystroke logs.

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ZSCactus WiFi Keystroke Injection BadUSB

This is a badUSB device on steroids! Why you ask? well it enables you to :

1. Launch normal keystroke attacks when connected to a target machine.
2. Get instant access, steal credentials, browser data and even Wi-Fi passwords with a few clicks using the ready payloads.
3. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
4. Run your own payloads over Wi-Fi.
5. Control the mouse or inject keystrikes into the target machine over Wi-Fi.
6. Start a fake Wi-Fi network or Honeypot to hijack credentials.
7. Direct extraction of information (e.g. credentials) by visiting a URL.
8. Information extraction through built-in FTP server.
9. Modify the device settings, payloads and the network settings remotely over Wi-Fi.

Shipping Worldwide, dispatched within 24h of payment.

Capture every single button / keystrike from the target computer and access them remotely on cloud, email, UDP or over Wi-Fi.
All you have to do is connect the thumb-sized keylogger to a usb port and connect the keyboard to it.

The keylogger will register every single key-strike and store it in its local storage.

Just like the basic version of the keylogger you can access the collected data and change the keyboard settings over WiFi. Simply connect to the keylogger’s WiFi network and go to


As this is the pro version you also have several other options to access the logs.

Email Access

1. Connect the device to your computer.
2. Connect to it’s WiFi network.
3. Navigate to
4. Tick the check box to enable email reporting and fill up your email server information (checkout the next section if you don’t have one).
5. Click Save Email reporting settings to save the settings.


Cloud Access by zSecurity

Once you purchase the device you will receive an automatic email with a username, a password and our mail server information.
Use the information in the email to setup the email reporting settings as shown in the previous section.
To view the reports, go to zs.ninja and login using the username & password that you got in the email.


UDP Streaming

With this option you can configure the keylogger to send the key-strikes live as soon as they are pressed to a machine on the cloud!

Machine configuration
You need to listen on a port to receive data from the keylogger, you can use Netcat to do so using the following command

nc -u -l -p 5555

Feel free to replace 5555 with any port you want to listen on.

Keylogger configuration
1. Connect the device to your computer.
2. Connect to it’s WiFi network.
3. Navigate to

4. Tick the checkbox to enable data streaming.
5. Input the IP of machine that is running Netcat in the TARGET HOST input box.
6. Input the port that Netcat is listening on in the TARGET PORT.
7. Click on Save data streaming settings.

Now when the keylogger is connected to the target’s keyboard, it’ll send the data to Netcat on the fly!

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