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Ethical hacker, musician, sound engineer, web developer and passionate about cybersecurity.

I have been active in the hacking community since late 90’s. I have always felt curious about how hackers do what they do, that curiosity turned into a hobby and the hobby turned into a passion! My first approach to this magnificent world was reverse engineering some malware, then hacking become my passion.

I’m also a junior full-stack web developer, this has helped me understand how things work behind the scenes in website hacking. I have participated in many reverse engineering contests and CTF’s. I am also a Python and Golang developer.

I have been Zaid’s student since 2017 and that has really put me on the road to become a professional hacker. At the moment I’m studying to get my OSCP certification. You can find me in some CTF platforms like hackthebox and tryhackme, my nick name 0x0ff537. Currently, I am a Senior Teaching Assistant at Zsecurity.


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