BadUSB Keylogger (2in1)


This unique small device can do two things:
1. Save / log the target’s keyboard input.
2. Launch Keystroke Injection (HID / BadUSB) attacks.



– High-speed internal flash memory that can be accessed as a removable drive.
– Compatible with most standard USB keyboards in Windows / Linux / Mac OS / Android etc.
Undetectable by antivirus software.
– 128-bit flash encryption toggle.
HID keystroke injection capabilities.
– Trigger payloads on specific user input.
– Trigger payloads after a specific delay.

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This 2-in-1 device can act as a:

1. Keylogger

Capture every single button / keystrike from the target computer and store it on the local storage.

All you have to do is connect the thumb-sized keylogger to a usb port and connect the keyboard to it.

To view recorded data, retrieve the device and plug it in between the keyboard and USB port, then K, B, S at the same time.

The keylogger will appear as a removable devices which can be used exactly like a normal storage device.

The logs are stored in a file called LOG.TXT


2. BadUSB Keystroke injector:

This device can also be used to launch HID / BadUSB attacks. When configured to do so it registers itself as a keyboard and sends pre-configured key-strikes (payloads) to the machine that it is connected to, allowing you to execute a large number of attacks to harvest information or even gain full control over the target device.

To enable this first press S, B and K at the same time to mount the device storage. The device will appear as a normal storage device in the removable devices section. Past your payload there and name it PAYLOAD0.TXT (Checkout the notes below for more information on where to get these payloads and how to write your own).

Next you’ll need to tell the device when to execute the payload, to do so double click the CONFIG.TXT file and add a new line at the end of the file to set a trigger event.


Save and close the window.

Now the device will automatically execute PAYLOAD0.TXT when it’s connected to a computer.




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